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Solar PV and Battery Storage

In the past few years, we have really noticed the importance and requirement for sustainability. With heating, cooking and transport gradually relying more and more on electricity, there has never been a better time to generate electricity yourself.

Battery storage technology is rapidly increasing, this can add a real bonus to your PV installation particularly if you away from home during daylight hours. Diverters/EV Chargers with solar integration are also an option to make the most of your solar generation.

Solar PV can also be a major financial and ecological benefit to businesses. Many of our commercial Solar PV installations have payback times of less than 2 years. Our commercial projects range from local authority buildings to factories and office blocks.

Once you have logged your initial interest, we will arrange a site visit to discuss your own site and generation requirements. We will then supply you with a layout plan and full proposal.

Please get in touch for any questions around Solar PV and battery storage.

Solar Power and Battery Storage

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