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EV Charging Points

As the government announced that they plan to stop the purchase of new diesel and petrol cars by 2030, W&E Electrical Services realised the importance of being able to offer our customers EV charging point installations in the domestic and commercial sectors.

Since early 2021, W&E Electrical Services became a registered installer with OZEV, a government scheme issuing grants for qualifying persons and companies for the installation of EV charging points. This means that we can claim the government grant on your behalf – providing you have a qualifying vehicle – to knock straight off the installation cost.

EV Charging Point Installations

Zappi EV Charging Points

After much product research, we have decided to promote and install Zappi EV charging points produced by myenergi. Zappi EV charging points have brilliant technology built in to them meaning you have a hassle-free installation (compared to others). Zappi’s are also the leading EV charging point to work with solar PV, giving you options how you’d like to use your solar generated electricity. With their three quick and easy charging options, you can choose to do the following:

  • Charge your car as quickly as possible with either PV or grid generated electricity.
  • Charge your car with PV generated electricity with a top up from grid power if needed.
  • Charge your car with PV generated electricity only, however, this could mean a longer charge time.

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